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With the experience of more than 65 years in the industry we have developed our own clock manufacturing technology. We can restore / build tower clocks in all sizes and specifications suiting to your requirements. With our technology these machines work with least maintenance and with high accuracy.The detailed description about Tower Clocks is given by the help of the following frequently asked question

Question 01

Why tower clock?

Tower clocks have a great history and identity of their own. Some of the world’s most famous places are known for their tower clock. In today’s world lot of attention is given towards the aesthetic look of our Infrastructure whether it may be our buildings, Landscaping, roads etc. A tower clock not only adds to the beauty of your location but also become a landmark over the period of time.

Question 02

How can it suit the aesthetic look of our building?

Unlike the ancient times, today tower clock’s significance is primarily to add aesthetic beauty to the site whereas time keeping has become secondary. Considering this aspect we have developed multiple design options which suit ancient as well as modern architecture. The design, size, color for the dial and the hands can be made as per any specific requirement by your designer / architect. With our experience and artistic vision we too can recommend you various options.

Question 03

What are the structural requirements for a tower clock?

In case of a new installation we need a civil or fabricated structure constructed at your selected location at your site. The structure should be hollow from inside and cubical in shape and it should have exposed circles to the outer face. We will install dials on these circles and the Mechanism will be installed behind the dials inside the hollow structure. The Dials will be covered with polycarbonate, fibre glass or other specified material and can be lit from inside for glow at night. In case of a surface clock the outer layer of the structure will be used as the dial of the clock. We can consult/advice the client in selecting the location and designing the structure or any other issue as per requirement.

Question 04

What are the technical specifications of your tower clock?

We have installed new clocks as well as restored many old tower clocks by efficient Quartz technology. We use microprocessor based quartz mechanism which runs on 5A, 230 V AC supply with inbuilt battery backup up to 12 to 15 hours in case of a power failure. Ones the power returns batteries recharge automatically within 3-4 hours. The Dial can be in sizes ranging from 2 feet to 20 feet in single, two, three or four to eight faced configurations as per the requirement. The structure of the dial is made of M.S. and covered by Polycarbonate, Fiber glass or any other specified material. All the components used in the making of our tower clocks are thoroughly researched for durability and efficiency at heights and various atmospheric conditions. We have also restored ancient tower clocks keeping the original technology intact.

Question 05

What about the durability and maintenance of your installations?

The Mechanism and the aesthetic components in our tower clocks are a result of rigorous research and development for years. All our installations are working efficiently and accurately till date. Our tower clock comes with a one year guarantee for any manufacturing defect. After the first year the client can make an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for which we have an in house team of technicians. Though the AMC is not mandatory we are also available as per the service requirement on per visit charges at all locations.

Question 06

Could an existing tower clock with old mechanism be restarted?

Yes. We have restored several ancient clocks with the old mechanism as we too believe in the beauty of originality. You can check out examples of such restorations in ‘Our work’ section.

On the other hand if we look at the durability and maintenance required for the old technology it is a little difficult in today’s fast paced world. Also the up gradation to the new technology happens with keeping the aesthetic beauty of the clock intact.

The following are few other advantages of new technology over the old:

  • A/C D/C compatibility.
  • Automatic change over to inbuilt rechargeable battery supply in case of power failure.
  • Winding is not required at all.
  • There is absolutely no issue about the friction, which adds up longer life to the clocks.
  • Repairs are negligible and less expensive.
  • Since it is quartz technology it ensures accuracy in time.
  • There is hermetical sealing of machine which ensures protection and says goodbye to pests.
  • No periodic maintenance or lubrication is required
Question 07

What is the time required for the installation of a tower clock?

Once the structure at the location, design, and the other specifications like size, no of dials etc. are ready. The tower clock in normal conditions can be installed within a week’s time. Our team will make prior visits to check the progress of the site and consult your engineers for any queries.

Question 08

How can we consult you for a tower clock enquires & further queries?

In case of a Tower clock enquires for restoration or new installation our team will solve all your queries regarding the location, specifications, cost involved over E- Mail or telephonic conversation. Once we are through the initial discussion a visit will be made to your site.

Kindly E- Mail us at or Call us on 91-9822340321, 9822753681.You can also fill in the enquire form or visit our showroom on the given address. We would be very glad to solve any of your queries and look forward to serve you.

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